Manage WordPress Site Meta

Easily add meta tags and website meta throughout your site in just a few clicks!

Powerful features such as restricting by content type, dynamic placeholders, Open Graph and structured data make managing your site meta a breeze!

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First released in 2009 and used on over 100k sites, rest assured you're using a plugin developed with experience and expertise.

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Adding meta to your site helps search engines and other online platforms understand your site better, providing better results.

Any Meta Tag, Anywhere

Our meta tag builder allows you to build valid meta tags for use throughout your site, with the ability to target specific sections of your site with just a few clicks!

Build general meta tags with dynamic content on your general settings page, or create (and override general) tags within individual posts, pages and taxonomies.

Managing Meta Tags and Meta Data Has Never Been Easier!

Our goal is to make managing your site meta easy, and effective. Get Meta Tag Manager, set it up, and move on with what really matters... creating a great website!