About Us

Meta Tag Manager is a WordPress plugin for managing Meta Tags on your WordPress site and is available for free on WordPress.org. It was was created by Marcus Sykes and first released in 2009.

The plugin was created out of necessity to create and add meta tags to websites easily and quickly, as well as a labour of love and enjoyment for creating WordPress plugins. Sharing with others to help them build better websites is an important goal as well and remains part of our mission. The plugin has remained free, maintained and supported for the past 13+ years, going through multiple updates and two major revisions with no donations or financial sponsorship.

Due to the rising popularity of the plugin, the amount of time required to provide support and maintain the plugin accordingly has required a larger investment of time. Therefore, a decision was made in 2021 to provide a premium add-on, Meta Tags Manager Pro, which enables us to continue providing free support and updates whilst also catering to the large demand for new features and premium support.

If you find the free version useful, and have used it for some time, consider going Pro! We hope you will find great value in that alone, and in all cases you'll know you're helping keep a high-quality plugin free and maintained on wordpress.org for use on any of your websites.